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Every business, whether a multinational corporation or a local shop, must consider expansion. Building upon profit is what stimulates growth and success, and expanding will always be the first step towards it. Of course, there are plenty of ways to expand, with most companies amplifying operations with better equipment, more personnel, and wider facilities. Those strategies will allow any business to ramp up production or service, driving more revenue to the company. However, businesses can use another proven expansion method: extending the target audience or identifying another. To do that, companies often rely on the marketing team. 

Reaching out to a new target audience will always start with marketing outreach efforts because they are affordable and have many organic marketing tactics available. However, your current marketing team setup might not be equipped enough to handle the expansion plans, making it necessary to hire more. Unfortunately, that will still mean spending more, which could make targeting a new audience an expensive undertaking. Fortunately, you can find affordable solutions to get the marketing personnel you need while staying within budget. Offshoring to the Philippines for your marketing professionals is one of them. 

New Target Audience: Understanding the Science Behind the Expansion Strategy

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Expanding your company’s reach to achieve a new target audience can promote growth and competitiveness. The strategy diversifies your market base, reducing dependency on a single demographic or segment and preventing your business from suffering from market fluctuations or sudden changes in consumer behavior. It is the competitive move that ensures your company will always scale upwards, which is why it receives top priority when businesses decide to attempt it. Here are a few reasons why targeting a new audience often works: 

Increased Revenue Streams: 

    • By tapping into new audiences, you open up additional revenue streams beyond your current customer base. This can lead to increased sales and overall revenue generation for your company. 

Scaling Opportunities

    • As your company grows, targeting new audiences provides opportunities for scaling operations. It enables you to expand your product lines, services, or geographic presence to accommodate the needs and preferences of different consumer segments. 


    • Adapting to changing market dynamics and consumer preferences is essential for long-term sustainability. Targeting new audiences ensures your company remains relevant and adaptable to evolving trends, technologies, and demographics. 

Brand Exposure and Awareness

    • Your brand’s presence in the market is strengthened when it reaches new consumers, which raises brand exposure and awareness. Buzz and word-of-mouth recommendations are generated by it, which eventually improves the standing and exposure of your company. 

Customization and Personalization

    • Every audience segment could have different demands, inclinations, and problems. You can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by customizing your products, services, and marketing tactics to better appeal to particular consumer groups by expanding your target audience. 

Innovation and Creativity

    • It frequently takes original thought and inventive ideas to engage new audiences. This encourages creativity within your organization, propelling marketing plans, product creation, and general business expansion. 

All those reasons lead to a company making noise. It expands the reach and influence a business can achieve, and they are both critical to attracting new customers or clients. Of course, fresh ideas will be necessary to target new audiences effectively, and building on your marketing team will be required. However, hiring in your local talent market might exceed your cost cap for personnel. Fortunately, you can save up effectively when you hire elsewhere, particularly in the Philippines. 

Marketing Talent in the Philippines: Tapping into World-Class Marketers

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Marketing is a common department that benefits from offshoring or outsourcing. Whether it is one individual or a whole team, you will find that marketing talent is rich in every country. The Philippines, one of the top nations with affordable and high-quality freelancers, is among the best offshoring hubs in the world. The country rivals India and China regarding the many staffing services providers. With the Philippines ranking high in English literacy (2nd in Asia) and affordability (4th in the world), companies from business development countries can benefit from partnering with offshoring businesses. 

Building a new marketing division to support your in-house team will be ideal when reaching out to a new audience, and the rich well of marketing talent in the Philippines is a great starting point. However, you must be strategic with the people you get to ensure every investment poured into offshoring in the Philippines will be worthwhile. Here are a few roles to consider: 

Content Writers

    • To target particular audiences, content writers can produce interesting blog posts, articles, social media content, and website copy. They can assist in creating messages—whether through narrative, educational writing, or persuasive copywriting that connect with the target audience. 

SEO Specialists

    • SEO experts are able to carry out keyword research, optimize the content of websites, and put methods into action to raise search engine ranks. Through the strategic use of keywords and content optimization, they can guarantee that the new audience finds the company’s website when they look for similar goods or services. 

Social Media Managers

    • Social media managers have the ability to create and implement strategies for social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn in order to connect and interact with new audiences. To increase brand recognition and increase traffic to the business website, they can make content calendars, keep an eye on trends, and communicate with followers. 

Graphic Designers

    • To draw in a new audience, graphic designers might produce eye-catching infographics, graphics, and other visual content. Whether they are creating visually appealing banner ads, social media postings, or website posts, they are essential to successfully communicating the brand’s values and message. 

Email Marketers: 

    • Campaigns for email marketing can be created and carried out by email marketers with a focus on the new market. To maximize outcomes, they can segment email lists, produce targeted email content, and evaluate campaign performance. One of the best ways to nurture leads, advertise goods and services, and increase conversions is through email marketing. 

Market Researchers

    • In order to comprehend the demands, tastes, and behaviors of the new audience, market researchers can collect and evaluate data. To find opportunities and create focused marketing strategies that appeal to the interests and preferences of the target audience, they can carry out surveys, interviews, and competition studies. 

Virtual Assistants

    • Marketing organizations can benefit from the administrative help of virtual assistants by having them handle duties like email management, scheduling, and customer service. Virtual assistants can help with more effective and efficient targeting of the new audience by freeing up time for marketers to concentrate on key objectives. 

Those are a few marketing talents you can get when you offshore to the Philippines. They can be helpful in providing valuable insights and marketing expertise to reach out to a new audience effectively. However, their affordability is what makes them impactful to businesses, especially those with sustainable growth in mind. 

Expand Your Marketing Team with iSWerk!

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When searching for marketing experts in the Philippines, you must choose a reliable offshoring partner. Fortunately, iSWerk can help you achieve the goal as you target new audiences. The US-based offshoring firm is a virtual partner to many businesses looking to boost their marketing division and even digital marketing agencies searching for exceptional talent. Moreover, iSWerk is a popular employer for both marketing professionals and freelancers due to its compensation package, fast recruitment process, and world-class support services. 

If you plan on expanding your marketing team at an affordable price, you can book a free discovery meeting with us! Our client services team can provide a customized plan to achieve your desired results when targeting a new audience.